Our Services

When we think of meditation and mindfulness an image of a person sat in the lotus position in a secluded part of the world is conjured up in the mind. Although this is wonderful, it’s not always practical for the busy lives we lead today.

Essential Health & Wellbeing have taken these traditional approaches and modernised and simplified them to fit in with our busy lifestyles so we can benefit from the myriad of benefits meditation and mindfulness has to offer.

Our philosophy is designed to help you with your current lifestyle and our packages are devised based on that philosophy.

We offer bespoke workshops that improve mental wellbeing – which is essential to boost focus, motivation and productivity. The techniques consist of the most effective aspects of mindfulness, meditation, NLP (neuro, linguistic programming) and positive psychology, which have been amalgamated to create a unique approach to maximising mental wellbeing.

EH & Wellbeing offers bespoke workshops to businesses and organisations aimed at re-training the brain in more effective modes of thinking and improving mental wellbeing.