About Us

How it all started

For me, meditation was a normal part of life. At a very young age, the practice of transcendental meditation became part of my daily routine through a Sufi order my family was connected with.  As I became older, I would go through phases when I would delve in and out of Sufi meditation practices quite deeply. It was through one of these phases that I really began to notice the impact meditation had on me.  Through very difficult times in my life, I became more positive, focused and less stressed.

I noticed the greatest impact when I practiced meditative techniques on a daily basis after having suffered a period of quite severe stress and anxiety, which at the time, negatively impacted all aspects of my life; health, work, relationships and family.  I had to pull myself out of this state but I couldn’t just ‘snap out of it’.  I needed some mechanism for positive change, which is when I really began to research and study different techniques and practises.  These, I then implemented in my life and felt the real benefits of being free from a chaotic mind. My health and relationships improved and I felt revitalised.   A positive mind set enabled me to work more successfully in challenging environments.  I would literally feel like ‘Tigger’ skipping into work and feeling content.  The impact was life changing!

Having successfully practised these techniques, I began to extract the most effective tools and simplified these into a unique approach to stress management in order to help others. I devised tailor made programmes according to the clientele’s specific needs on a one to one basis.  I also delivered bespoke workshops which equipped participants with the tools and techniques needed for positive change.

So, here I am, hoping that the techniques that have greatly benefitted me and others will also benefit you.