Changes start with ‘the man in the mirror’

We are in such rush to get back to normal but it was our ‘normal’ way of life that led to our current situation – a global pandemic.  It’s taken a microorganism to bring the world to its feet – the notorious Covid-19.  But why did this happen?   Why has this affected humankind globally? It’s time to reflect and amend our ways.  It’s time to make changes; it’s time to look within…

Do we reflect enough? Personal reflection is vital, starting with oneself.  We firstly need to reflect on our own path, our own thought pattern before we go about wanting to change how we are towards others.  Have we developed bad habits where we are always negative without even realising this and therefore on a path to mental self-destruction? Is the mind encompassed with an array of negative thoughts? Thoughts of: anger, worry, fear, guilt, complaint, not being able to let or forgive.  All these lead to inner unhappiness and anxiety and depressive modes. What we focus on expands so if your focus is negative thoughts, those are what will expand.

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Practicing gratitude creates contentment.

Don’t allow your thoughts control you – calm the chaos in your mind by adopting simple practices of meditation, acceptance, gratitude and kindness – it’s that simple. It really is! This just needs to be adopted and practiced on a daily basis- self-discipline is the key! It is as essential for the mind as eating is for the body. It all begins with acceptance, which slowly, step by step, leads to a more positive state of mind. Happiness is not linked to events or people but the state of our minds.  Meditation, acceptance, gratitude and kindness lead to happiness and contentment.

I am quite content in my own mind at the moment.  I do not worry or fear – what will be, will be.   I used to be the worst over thinker and worrier but I have learned acceptance; learned to be grateful; and learned the art of meditation.  Adopting these practices has provided me with a positive mental structure that is now strengthened with faith in my Creator: faith in whatever is happening, to seek the lesson and learn; faith that everything will be ok; and gratitude that my needs are being looked after.

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Changes start form within…

I do not get bored with being in the confines of my home.  I do not get bored with the quiet and not always having something to do: for as the planet heals – as do I.  With adversity, comes healing and an opportunity to grow and become a better a person. To reflect, to let go and make necessary changes so the mind can reboot and heal. Changes start with the ‘man in the mirror’.  ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take look at yourself, and then make a change’ – M J 1988.  

Don’t go back to your ‘normal’ self.  Go back to a renewed version of the ‘beautiful self’ you are and have the potential to develop.  Make one positive change; make this a habit and observe the subtle positive results.  Allow your inner light to shine brightly through these testing times and become a beacon of love radiating this light to others.

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