The Gratitude Guide

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Calm The Chaos In Your Mind


Enhance your wellbeing with scientifically proven benefits of developing an effective gratitude practice. Step by step, this program will guide you to:

Reduce  stress, anxiety and depression

Increase you mental strength and self esteem

Improve the quality of your sleep

Reduce toxic emotions – resentment,  frustration and regret

Improve physical and psychological health

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Break free from Stress and Anxiety

This program has been developed to reduce stress, anxiety and states of depression. Life’s pressures can sometimes leave us feeling stuck in a web of negative thoughts; unable to break free from this mindset. This not only affects our mental wellbeing but the surge of stress hormones can manifest  into physical ill-health.

Through adopting a few simple techniques, you will learn retrain your brain in more positive patterns of thinking resulting in a happier, healthier you!

What are the Benefits?

This transformative programme will result in a plethora of psychological and physical benefits ultimately leading to a happier and healthier you!

The practice of gratitude is one of the most powerful tools in positive psychology. The application of which shifts negative mindsets quickly and effectively as research demonstrates.

This has been combined with mindfulness and meditation to create simple, time-efficient tools that can be practised to: reduce stress; build emotional resilience; and cultivate happiness.

Develop and maintain healthier relationships

Cultivate lasting happiness and contentment

Build emotional resilience

Become more energetic, motivated and productive

Reduce over thinking and calm the chaos in your mind & improve your sleep

Manage and reduce states of stress

Reduce levels of anxiety and depressive states

What's Included?

Powerful Guided Meditations with Theta Technology – The guided meditations make meditating easier as all you need to do is focus on the words. The accompanying music has been developed with Theta Brainwave Technology.  The theta level of mind is achieved by experienced meditators but the brainwave technology allows you to effortlessly achieve this deep state of mind.  By doing so, you can easily access deeper states of relaxation.  The mind then gradually becomes rewired with healthier thought patterns.

Step by step guide to developing a Gratitude Practice –This guide has been created after researching the most effective science backed techniques.  The step by step guide contains four sections, each with tools to help develop an effective gratitude practice.

A 30 day digitally fillable or printable work book – Being digital allows you to you type straight onto the digital version on your device. By doing so, you help the environment by saving paper.  However, if you prefer to have a paper copy, you can print the digital version and use this to write on. 

Supporting Guided Videos – There is an introductory video and four supporting videos – one with each section of the work book. Watch each video before you begin each corresponding section of the workbook.

The program had been carefully created to ensure you have all the support you need to develop your Gratitude Practice.

Manage Your Stress and foster resilience - cultivate happiness with essential health and wellbeing

Disclaimer: This program is not a form of counselling, neither is this a replacement for any formal  of support, or medication. You should always seek advice from your GP or medical practitioner if in any doubt. This program will however work really well alongside and will not interfere with any support you are already receiving. Do not access meditation while working, driving or operating heavy or large machinery.  Avoid the Breath of Life Meditation if you suffer from seizures due to the brain wave technology. Results are not guaranteed as this is dependent on the individual’s level of commitment to the program.

Only £35.00

Useful Information

A regular gratitude practice, which incorporates meditation,  can help you develop calmness of the mind, an inner contentment, focus and clarity.

It’s a fundamental part of mental wellbeing, that so many people ignore. Don’t waste any more time thinking about it, Its time to start now!

This is a digital download so you can type straight onto the work book. Watch each section video  and read the information in the work book.

Although this is really beneficial for people who are struggling with  stress and, anxiety, this is great starting point for anyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing.

The practise of gratitude is is used by CEO’s, celebrities and elite athletes as part of their daily ritual; it works for everyone.

A regular Gratitude Practice can help you develop contentment happiness, benefiting you both physically and psychologically.

Sadia’s dedication to steady and sincere wellbeing practices has been developed over several years. This science backed program will give you the direction and guidance of how to develop an effective  gratitude practice.

A calm voice, leads us through the steps to a more peaceful mind, helps us connect to ourselves, relax into our bodies and de-stress.  The accompanying music allows you to easily access deeper levels of meditation.

Guided Meditation is  the perfect way to meditate effortlessly not only for a novice but also for experienced meditators.  it’s easy and enjoyable . 

For best results, use headphones and enjoy!