Have faith

When the subject of faith is contemplated upon, how do you truly feel? Is this particular aspect of your life weak or is it strong? Is faith a notion that you live through or is it just a pointless abstract – mere words that are used without essence or depth of meaning?  When I was younger, I don’t think I fully understood the concept of faith or what it meant to really believe in the Almighty and have trust in what is and what will be – or even, how to have faith.  I lived life encompassed by negativity, – anger, resentment and blame.  But now, I’m different.  I have faith; I have complete utter trust in my Creator and whatever happens in my life.

Faith is about accepting what is and allowing oneself to go with the flow of life like meandering rivers flowing towards the magnificence of the ocean. Now, I am truly journeying with the flow of life with trust that what is happening is right- for me to learn the lessons I need to learn to become acquainted with my soul.  I feel a closeness to my Creator that I have never felt before – one that stems from the depths of my heart.

The key for me, has been my practice of meditation.  Through meditation, the chaos in my mind began to calm and as this became more prevalent, my mediation began to evolve.  The focus during this, began to alter from mindfulness to my heart and the wonder of my Creator.  This fuelled with constant gratitude really began to develop and deepen my love for the Almighty.  And it is through this feeling of love, that my faith and trust in my Creator strengthened.  Love is the key – and in reality, love is all there is…

Sadly, when I look around me, I see fear and worry on peoples’ faces.  I see doubt in peoples’ actions.  I have witnessed regular prayer and worship being performed by people, yet, their minds are filled with fear, worry and doubt.  How can that be?  Where there is faith, there cannot be fear or doubt.  Doubt is the opposite of faith –  there can only be one or the other – doubt or faith. The cursing of destiny and a victim mentality are negative states of mind that stem from a lack of faith and trust.  These saddening states remind me of a once former self.  But in reality, it isn’t easy to have faith in a Being we can’t see, hear or feel… yet, are expected to believe….

The logical human mind does not allow faith to develop in a Being who is unseen, unheard.   This is not deemed possible because of the constraints of science and logic.  However, some things are beyond logic and science. God is beyond logic; he is limitless. It is not through the mind, but though the heart that we need to think; to feel;  to connect;  to be grateful.  It is through the limitless realms of the heart that that the seed of faith begins to grow and develop in strength like the magnificence of the Great Kapok.

I remember very clearly, in the past, when my focus has been on my Creator, I have received clear messages through various media that strengthened my faith even more. I have a deep yearning to connect with my Creator – who provides me with so much, who fulfils my every need.  How could I not develop love and faith in Him?

More recently, through all the challenges I have faced, I have detached myself from the negative web of thoughts that the mind tries to create – although this is an easy trap to fall into.  To do this, I would adjust my focus constantly to my Creator and in doing so, solutions to these challenges became apparent or help to resolve the issues came forward.  This has happened again and again – with my health, relationships and work.  For me, I have always considered any help to be from my Creator.  This thought pattern generated greater positivity and a serenity of the mind that can only be described as a tranquil sea on a summer’s evening , glistening under the moonlit sky – it’ like being on a ‘natural high’.

Faith can become so strong that it develops into an inner knowing and it is then that we begin to realise our potential; we begin to realise that we are not a mere body; we are a limitless soul on a journey of love towards the Divine…


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