Have your cake and eat it – Mindful eating

Mindful eating

Have your cake and eat it? in your Lunch break? Are you kidding! As a teacher, it’s very rare to have a half-hour lunch break. With marking books and preparing for the next lesson, I just about had 10 minutes to rush through lunch – or that was the case until I thought ‘NO!’

And within all that I try to catch up with the latest news and scroll through social media and get the local news update because I am also a counsellor. Two do you manage everything! is something I get asked all the time and my answer is always simple, Time is of the essence.

Whether you’re a working professional or busy running a household, we seldom take out time to sit and really eat.  This is where mindful eating comes in.  Eating mindfully allows us to slow down the ’wild horse’ of our thoughts by re-directing our thinking to the present moment – our food – our eating experience.  It’s a really good way to practise mindfulness.  It brings us back to the present moment and in doing so reduces stress.

Have your cake and eat it

Mindful eating allows us to focus our attention on the meal – to absorb the colours, aroma, taste and texture.  By doing this, I actually noticed that I was eating slower – normally I’m a fast eater – when you eat slowly, you actually consume less, as we listen to our body when it says ‘stop! I’m full’.  Eating slowly also improves digestion and weight loss!  Maybe that’s one of the reasons why my crohns’ symptoms have disappeared! So grateful!

I make sure I eat mindfully at least once a day.  The silence, the switching off from other thoughts all add to feeling great!

When you’re busy that’s when it’s more important to be mindful as you become more productive!  So now, even if I just have 10 minutes at lunchtime, I switch off, and sip my soup mindfully! Try it!

  • Try to eat silently

  • Focus on the colours and the aroma

  • As you chew your food, focus on the texture in your mouth, the taste

  • Feel the food go down

  • Enjoy the experience!

So, there you have it- give it a go.  Try to eat mindfully at least once a day.

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