We provide both individual and more in-depth workshops for schools and community organisations.

Stress Management –  This course provides awareness into stress and how this affects us as well as exploring techniques that help to combat stress.

Healing Minds –  This is an 8 session program which covers a broad spectrum of mental wellbeing: concepts of mindfulness and meditation; language awareness and goal setting; awareness of stress and anxiety; addressing negative emotions and forgiveness.

Introduction to Mindfulness – This course provides an insight into the concepts of mindfulness and how these concepts can be used to enhance mental wellbeing on a daily basis.

Creative Visualisation –  teaches advanced meditation techniques that can be used to aid the achievement of goals to create a happier, healthier you.

The Power of Language – this course creates an awareness of current language usage; examines differing mindsets and how language can be used to create a more positive and motivated mental state.

Wellbeing Study Guide – this is for children and young people, who may be taking tests ( sats) or exams  (GCSE’s).  The session provides an awareness of negative emotions related to exams and how they can apply simplified tools to remain calm in situations of stress and thus, perform at their best.