The Over Thinker

I used to be the worst over thinker there was! I would mull over everything; overthink every decision and constantly think things.  This was unfortunately mostly negative.  The worst thing of all was because I’m a perfectionist; I did it to the best of my ability.

What is overthinking all about?  It’s about complaining, about doubt and fear, about making generalisations, it’s about the ego – regret, resentment, guilt, anger….. It’s about reinforcing the negative over and over and over until it takes over.

It just takes one negative thought which leads to another and before you know it, you’re pulled deep into a negative spiral. The different aspects of overthinking all entwine into a tangled mess of negativity – leading from one aspect of overthinking to another. This becomes habitual and this habit is hard to break!  The result of this?  Unable to sleep, mental tiredness, headaches – sound familiar?

What helped me scramble out of the overthinking web?

To observe my thoughts –   to think about what I was actually thinking about – being aware of my thoughts; being the observer.  It was only when I became aware of my thoughts that I was able to realise how wrong my thinking was.  This then became a catalyst for change, enabling me to take the initial step towards rebooting my system.

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