EH&Wellbeing offers bespoke workshops to businesses and organisations aimed at re-training the brain in more effective modes of thinking and improving mental wellbeing. Through employing a range of effective, research-backed techniques, people are equipped with tools they are able to utilise on a daily basis to maximise their potential.

Stress is not a normal state of being but it has become a habit for many of us. This leads to overthinking, negative states, anxiety, panic attacks and many more adverse effects. Stress and anxiety not only affect our mind and bodies but our ability to work effectively.

Stress, depression and anxiety account for 40% of work-related ill health.   49% of working days lost due to ill health, are related to stress. Unfortunately, these figures have had an upward trend in the last 5 years. It is, therefore, necessary to address and re-train stress-related mindsets.

Our solution to this is the REBOOT program.  This program consists of the most effective aspects of meditation, mindfulness, NLP and positive psychology, which have been combined to create time-efficient tools that employees can utilise on a daily basis.  On the application of these techniques, research has demonstrated numerous benefits:

  • A reduction in stress-related absenteeism
  • An improved ability to manage stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Increased retention and  employee engagement 
  • Boosted levels creativity, motivation and productivity

Reboot Taster session: 30 minute session

This session which provides an insight into two of the tools offered on the Reboot program.

Reboot level 1: 90-minute session

 Awareness of stress, learning and the brain, mindfulness and positive psychology techniques; technology to stress and improve mental wellbeing

Reboot level 2: 90-minute session

This program offers more advanced techniques:  language awareness; brain states for optimal productivity; advanced creative visualisation techniques.

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