What we think, We become

Have you ever stopped and thought about the language you use? The words and phrases that become a habitual part of everyday life?  

There are so many phrases that become routine in their usage. Words we say all the time without thinking of their impact:  ‘that’s stressful!, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ , ‘ I’m fed up!’ ‘Why does this always happen to me?’  ‘I’m having a bad day!’ ‘I’ll never be any good at this!’ and then there’s the endless ‘What ifs’ – creating a whirl of negativity, which ends up manifesting into mental and physical ill-health.

Do words really have power? I pondered upon this and came to the conclusion that yes, words have power but ONLY because of the FORCE that powers them; our FEELINGS.

The feelings with which we use words gives power to them and those words manifest into actions and behaviours; what we think of and tell ourselves is what we become and this is what we radiate, so make sure your thoughts are kind and loving.

Most of the time, I think people are unaware of what they say and how their chosen words affect their state of heart and mind and ultimately level of happiness.  What we tend not to realise is that we fuel negative phrases with great belief and determination, yet that same level of determination is not always applied to positive phrases. 

I remember a time when the language I used was extremely negative and I was oblivious of the impact this had on me.  The endless negative language engulfed me into a state of chronic stress, where nothing was positive or good and resulted in me feeling despondent. 

When I look back at that time, I can now see the power with which I used those negative phrases – I fully believed in what I said.  Words like ‘I can’t cope’ ‘I’m stressed’ were uttered with such depth of negative feeling that those states manifested.  I had convinced myself that I was stressed and couldn’t cope and that’s exactly what happened.    

The irony is that now I do more than double what I used to do but I don’t utter words that are fuelled with negativity – I just get on with it. I fuel my positive phrases with the power of determination and fill them with positive feelings and beliefs; this creates a wonderfully positive attitude to do all I put my mind to.

Words have power because of the feeling or determination with which we use them.  Observe your thoughts and become aware of the words you use, reflect and make changes.  We get into bad habits of regurgitating the same words and phrases without really thinking about what we are saying and how these words impact us.  

If they are negative, because you have habitually developed a problem-based mindset; be aware of this and begin to examine solutions so you are able to slowly develop a solution based mindset.  Through thinking in this way, you will begin to notice the positive determination that you use to power your chosen positive words.

Your words have power, use them wisely and observe the wonderful magic that happens when you just change the language yo use.


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